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Bruce Street Family Chiropractic Reviews


What Our Kitchener Patients Say

At Bruce Street Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • When I visit a new place (clinic, Dr.s Office etc) I like to be listened to and taken seriously. When I was seen for my first appointment at Bruce Street Family Chiropractic, I felt like an invited guest! Thank you to all the staff, and especially Dr. Adam!

    - Maria M.
  • Had the best experience!! I was sooo nervous at first. Everyone is so friendly and amazing. I am very happy I starting coming here :)

    - Jordon C.
  • As someone who owns his own business in the UK my plan is to model my staff on how courteous, helpful and professional displayed by the entire team. It was an absolute pleasure and you guys are a credit to Canada.

    -Adrian P.
  • This was my first visit to a chiropractor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the overall experience was warm, professional and encouraging!

    -Judy P.
  • Was greeted and Treated with expertise. Staff and Dr Adam Brooks made our first visit very comfortable and enjoyed the light humor throughout our visit. Thanks Dr. Adam Brooks and Erika.

    - Tony L.
  • Thank you for your patience and time you took to assess my issues, your friendliness and professionalism was well appreciated, keep up the excelente work.

    - Maria S.
  • Everyone was very open, warm and welcoming. It made my first time experience seeing a chiropractor very comfortable and encouraging!

    -Stephanie T.
  • Friendly. Professional answered questions and made me feel comfortable. Thank you!

    - Marilyn W.
  • All staff are incredibly friendly!

    - Angela J.
  • All the stuff are amazing!! Thank you all!!!

    - Viliora S.
  • Dr. Adam made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions as this was my first time attending a chiropractor. The treatments I have received have been incredibly effective in providing both physical and emotional healing. I recommend Dr. Adam to all of my family and friends!

    -Cheryl S.
  • The staff were incredibly friendly, the office was very clean, and overall I felt like I was receiving VIP treatment. A truly wonderful practice!

    -Marram M.
  • So excited to have you guys a part of our health and wellness journey!

    - Cassandra M.
  • I truly appreciated the genuine care, concern and consideration I received, especially because of the discomfort I was in. Thank you so much.

    - Vivian M.
  • My interaction with the staff upon my first appointment was very pleasant and made me feel very hopeful that they can help me find some relief with my back injury so I can begin the road to recovery.

    - Dawn W.
  • Very friendly staff! I look forward to my chiropractic experience and am hopeful for improved overall health going forward

    - Braeden P.
  • There’s a general perception that the duty to care is taken seriously at Bruce Street Chiropractic and this is not only perceived but seen in action/practice. This is something I value greatly in healthcare!

    -Hugo A.
  • Looking forward to future treatment. All staff were very welcoming, friendly and made me feel comfortable.

    - Brogan F.
  • I was incredibly impressed with my first visit. My only complaint is that you’re too busy and I had to wait four days to get back in!! ;)

    - Erica G.
  • Everyone was incredibly friendly (Trish and Ericka new my name right when I walked in and I had never been there before!). Felt very comfortable sharing my history and personal experiences. I would recommend this office to others, I have already shared my experience with friends and family!

    -Jenny M.
  • Extremely impressed with the staff and overall experience. I genuinely feel that you want to help me and I’m banking on it that you will be able to bring me some essential and much needed ease.

    -Frances B.
  • Was really impressed with all the advanced technology. A doctor that cares and wants to find the root problem before he does treatment is amazing. Can’t wait to hear Dr. Brookes findings. Staff and atmosphere are very welcoming.

    -Kimberly R.

Spot On

I used to own a Chiropractic clinic in Arizona so I observed closely the whole “new patient” experience and was so impressed with Dr. Adam and his staff. Spot on with the medical part of the intake and so friendly. Plus the doc is a Packers fan to boot! Looking forward to my adjustments that start next week.
-Brian S.

Impressed With The Kindness

It was my first time ever to a Chiropractor and everything was well explained, all the tests were taken and I’m impressed with the kindness of the entire staff!*
-Anderson B.

What a Relief!

I have recently moved to the area and didn’t have a chiropractor. I had developed an aggravating pinch and pain in my neck that would not go away, so I searched online and found this clinic. I was quickly seen, assessed and treated by Dr. Brookes. What a relief! I woke up this morning with a great improvement. I am confident that I am in capable hands and will be back for my treatment plan.

-Lila M.

Unexpected Surprise

Everyone is so welcoming and nice at the office. I have never seen a chiropractor before so I did not know what to expect but everything was explained to me and I was guided through each step making me feel very comfortable with the whole process.

-Chantale K.


I was welcomed in a very friendly environment. Everything was explained in detail. I was very impressed with Dr. Adams in his knowledge of the spine. I felt very hopeful in that I can be helped with my specific issues. I think its great that they offer a free examination and consult.
Thank you!!
Jennifer K.

Very Positive Experience

Very enjoyable experience and I look forward to my visits! A very pleasant experience and I was surprised with the open concept for treatments. Excellent staff. Congratulations on a very positive experience.

-Deb G.

Warm and Welcoming

During my first visit, everyone was very warm, welcoming and answered my questions. Dr. Adam is easy to connect with and talk to, the team is professional and kind. He explained the process and purpose of the exam and what to expect during my follow-up visit. I’m looking forward to working with this clinic!

-Ashley W.

Truly Care About You and Your Health

The professional and personal service was exceptional and informative. The staff and owner make you feel very special and you know they truly care about you and your health. Felt very comfortable, no pressure , offered different options to fit your needs and budget. Even offered with genuine concern if any financial concerns could privately be addressed, An amazing group of people wanting to take care of you! Thank you Dr Adam Brooks and staff.

-Nancy K.


Dr. Brookes and staff are very professional and informative. They are extremely friendly and make you feel right at home and very comfortable. I had been having lower back pain and since starting a month ago I am pain free and keep on getting stronger. Thank you to all the staff!

-Monique H.


Staff was very welcoming upon arrival. Very friendly comfortable atmosphere in the front room. Clients were greeted by their first names by staff as they arrived which was very welcoming. Dr Adam Brooke’s was wonderful. He listened to all of my concerns and assured me he can help me get rid of my pain and numbness. The staff and Dr Adam are great at explaining everything they are doing during the tests and X-rays. The whole process took away a lot of stress for me. Thank you Dr Adam and staff!!!

-Chrissy M.

Made Me an Appointment the Same Morning

I hurt my back lifting at the gym – when I called the practice they made me an appointment the same morning! I’ve got appointments booked for every day this week and I’m confident that I’ll be back on my feet by the weekend!

-Mark O.


Wonderful chiropractor, staff & practice!

-Kendall A

Life Changing Experience!

This was a life changing experience for me I noticed a major difference after my first visit.

-Stacy S.

Treated Like Family!

The staff are extremely friendly, very helpful and treat you like one of the family. I would definitely recommend Bruce Street Family Chiropractic to anyone, whether you are experiencing back pain or not. I used to wake up every morning with extreme back pain and within my first month of treatment I noticed a huge difference. I’m now 8 months in and feel great!

-Peter S.


Very informative. Took the time to make sure I understood as well as if I had any questions. It was only my first visit but I was very impressed by all staff and look forward to my recovery with this team!

-Diana J.


Very professional, courteous, warm and inviting. It does seem like a family atmosphere!

-Ben D.


Very informative. Down to earth. Pride in the practice was evident. The mini-tour was very welcoming. Can’t wait for the follow up visits.

-Claire P.

Friendly and Helpful!

Your clinic is very friendly and helpful, my expectation is that I will be free of pain when I am finished with my treatment.

-Bertha P.

30 years of pain gone!

My Doctor said I needed surgery but that wouldn’t even help me. As far as i Knew my pain was a life long cross. After 4 weeks here the pain was nearly gone! Thank you for that. 30 years of pain gone! Its impossible to describe how much this has improved my life.

-Anthony R

Getting Back Into Alignment!

The ability to walk, run without knee pain and using less supplements for joint pain is great! Getting beck into alignment is the foundation needed.

-Leilan A

Great Job!

The doctor and staff are doing a great job. I believe I am slowly on the way to recovery

-Christine A.

I very highly recommend Dr. Brookes

I visited the chiropractor many times with a myriad of concerns (shoulder, low back, hamstrings and hips). His diagnosis and treatment of my ailments, coupled with his customized rehab training and stretching program helped me immensely. I very highly recommend.

- Matt C.

It’s magic!

One of the best chiropractor clinics out there, I have seen other Chiropractors, but nothing compares to the excellent service here, He went through all of my information and let me understand the process and benefits of having adjustments performed as well as my individual plan to ensure I get the most out of my adjustments. I also love the integration of technology within the practice, all I have to do when I arrive is tap my key FOB on the way in and at the table, they know I’ve arrived and my treatment plan automatically, its magic!

- Nick S.

I strongly suggest seeing him for a consultation.

This place is filled with fun, loving, professionals who have a genuine care for their clients. I have been with them for over a year now and I feel the same warmth and care as I did the day that I came for my consultation. He and his employees love to give back to the community and ensure that everyone is taken care of in the most safe and comfortable environment possible. He makes sure that each of his clients are educated on their own state of health by teaching them how to read their x-rays. He also helps them fully understand what is happening with their body and why it is important that they come in for treatment. If you are looking for a chiropractor or unsatisfied with your own, I strongly suggest seeing Adam for a consultation.

- Rayna M.

I would like to highly recommend.

I would like to highly recommend. From the beginning of treatment I noticed that he went way above and beyond my expectations to thoroughly educate me about the details of the treatment that I need. I would also like to point out that he has been very generous to help those who can’t afford chiropractic care. For these reasons I will continue to prefer him and commend him for his honesty.

- Robert F.

I got off the chair a new person!!

My lower back was really hurting. For whatever reason, I put off going to chiro. As soon as I saw him he said “You are really locked up!” and in moments I got off the chair a new person!! Thank you!! I was introduced to chiropractic through a mutual acquaintance. I always feel better after treatment. I came into Chiropractic skeptical about its efficacy to improve health; but it really has helped! Give it a try!!

- Jim L-T.

I feel so much better

I feel so much better since being seen. I never realized how bad I was feeling until recently. I don’t keep Tylenol in my purse at all times any longer. Thank you!

- Michelle P.

I was amazed at how quickly it was relieved.

When I first came I had severe nerve pain in my leg + within the first few weeks of treatment the pain was gone! I was amazed at how quickly it was relieved.

- Lexi A.

You have to see him!

He is an awesome person and doctor. If you want to take control of your health, you have to see him!

– Maria G.

I am back to sports

Being a health care professional myself, I find that I am very picky when if comes to finding excellent care for myself and my family. He has definitely provided that kind of care for me and my husband. He does a very thorough and complete exam including x-rays and care teaching before doing any kind of adjustments. That just makes sense, you need to see what you are working with. I have heard so many stories of other chiropractors doing manual adjustments on patients they really don’t know that much about. I love that he takes time to educate his patients on their care. We are all responsible for our own health and it’s time that health care starts treating us this way. Everything he talks to you about makes sense and he ensures that you understand so that you aren’t walking away confused. I have already referred many friends to him who have all become long time patients. I guess the only thing left is my own story. I had been suffering from post concussion syndrome for about 2 years before coming here. I was getting headaches, neck pain, fogginess and was having trouble concentrating. The worst symptom was definitely the headaches. I would debilitating migraines a few times a week where the only way to make them go away was to sleep.I am an avid athlete and yet hadn’t played much sports in that past year because of the symptoms. With adjustments, some home exercises, a gradual return to sport and a pillow, it is now a year later an I can say I rarely get headaches anymore. I am back to sports and even completed some warrior challenges this past summer. If you are having any issues, it’s definitely worth coming in to see him. He is honest and if he can’t help you he will tell you. Why suffer when you could be actively trying to get better!

– Katie S.

He wants to help people and he definitely does!

He uses gentle manipulations to achieve better results than other chiropractors I have seen. He is very caring, kind and compassionate which shows in his manner as he treats you. He wants to help people and he definitely does! His staff are warm and welcoming and the office is bright and cheerful. I look forward to my treatments, which I haven’t much in the past.

- Debbie Sue E.

I highly recommend and will always refer friends and family.

My Fiance and I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I must admit I was nervous as to what to expect, but he eased my anxiety right away. The office and staff are warm and friendly and I actually enjoy attending my appointments. On my first appointment he went over my treatment program and what to expect. I have been a life long sufferer of severe headaches and I always thought it was normal and that’s just the way I was because I suffered with them for so long. After a few weeks of sessions, I noticed that my headaches started to diminish and occur less frequently, and a headache is now a rare occasion for me!! My Fiance is also a patient of his and has such a great rapport with him. He is very easy to talk to and you feel comfortable speaking with him about symptoms and progress. I highly recommend him and will always refer friends and family. I urge anyone who is contemplating or nervous about Chiropractic care to meet with you, rest assured your in good hands. He’s made me a firm believer in Chiropractic Care and has made a big impact in my quality of life.

– Ashley V.

I could not be happier

I could not be happier. I was in a car accident in 2009 and suffered severe whiplash and nerve damage and had no movement remaining in my left wrist. Not only did he help me regain lost movement, he gave me education on how to take better care of my body, something several other doctors in the past 3 years could not.

– Lee M.

Thanks again, Doc! -Play Ball!!

You are great. I’d highly recommend you. The combination of physical therapy and expert advice on training and development that I received from him really helped me work through a sports injury (Shoulder) which had kept me sidelined for over a year. Thanks again, Doc! -Play Ball!!

- Matt H.

I can honestly say I have never been healthier

Best in the business! I went to see him about a year ago now and let me tell you he has completely changed my life. I was originally very skeptical as to whether he could help me because I had been suffering from back pain and headaches for so long now. It did take some time in the beginning but my headaches and back pain are completely gone and I can honestly say I have never been healthier and had more energy than I do now. Thank you!

- Stef P.

Thank you for changing my life.

Before you I was unable to get through a day of work without taking some sort of painkiller for my muscular aches and pains. With his intricate understanding of the human body, and his holistic approach of treating the patient not just the problem, my days are virtually pain-free. Thank you for changing my life.

- Nenos D.

I would definitely recommend people

You are an excellent doctor of chiropractic. Although his office is a little far for me to travel I always found his adjustments helped. I would definitely recommend people in the KW area to see him.

- Anonymous

Great Chiropractic treatment

Great Chiropractic treatment that we received from you, has changed our lives. We recommend you to all.Thank you.

- Mr. and Mrs. Peters.

My lower back pain has gotten a lot better.

When I first came here I had really bad headaches – 4-5 a week. Since coming, they are gone and my lower back pain has gotten a lot better.

Shawn D.

My range of motion has improved.

My upper back – scapula was painful intermittently for two years. After 4 adjustments, the pain was going and has not returned. I feel better over all. My range of motion has improved.



This is a wonderful place. Very friendly and welcoming. I constantly recommend people come here! You are both amazing!

-Sammantha G.

I like Going To The Chiropractor.

The Staff are very pleasant and respectful. They are always smiling They always answer my questions, and if they cant they find the answer. I like going To the chiropractor.

Ryan H.

Friendly and Extremely Thorough

Very friendly and extremely thorough. I’m excited for and hopeful about my treatment!!

Amanda B.

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