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Bruce Street Family Chiropractic Reviews


What Our Kitchener Patients Say

At Bruce Street Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • This was my first visit to a chiropractor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the overall experience was warm, professional and encouraging!

    -Judy P.
  • The staff were incredibly friendly, the office was very clean, and overall I felt like I was receiving VIP treatment. A truly wonderful practice!

    -Marram M.
  • As someone who owns his own business in the UK my plan is to model my staff on how courteous, helpful and professional displayed by the entire team. It was an absolute pleasure and you guys are a credit to Canada.

    -Adrian P.
  • So far, so…great! Happy to have found what seems like a great office in our new home of Kitchener.

    -Tara R.
  • Everyone was incredibly friendly (Trish and Ericka new my name right when I walked in and I had never been there before!). Felt very comfortable sharing my history and personal experiences. I would recommend this office to others, I have already shared my experience with friends and family!

    -Jenny M.
  • My interaction with the staff upon my first appointment was very pleasant and made me feel very hopeful that they can help me find some relief with my back injury so I can begin the road to recovery.

    -Dawn W.
  • Great atmosphere in the clinic. That is created by the warmth and knowledge of each staff person.

    -Brenda J.
  • Thank you for the warm welcome!

    -Altiera E.
  • All the stuff are amazing!! Thank you all!!!

    -Viliora S.
  • Very friendly staff! I look forward to my chiropractic experience and am hopeful for improved overall health going forward

    -Braeden P.
  • Everyone was very open, warm and welcoming. It made my first time experience seeing a chiropractor very comfortable and encouraging!

    -Stephanie T.
  • All staff are incredibly friendly!

    -Angela J.
  • Extremely impressed with the staff and overall experience. I genuinely feel that you want to help me and I’m banking on it that you will be able to bring me some essential and much needed ease.

    -Frances B.
  • Thank you for your patience and time you took to assess my issues, your friendliness and professionalism was well appreciated, keep up the excelente work.

    -Maria S.
  • Wonderful first experience!

    -Savannah P.
  • So excited to have you guys a part of our health and wellness journey!

    -Cassandra M.
  • Friendly. Professional answered questions and made me feel comfortable. Thank you!

    -Marilyn W.
  • I was incredibly impressed with my first visit. My only complaint is that you’re too busy and I had to wait four days to get back in!! ;)

    -Erica G.
  • Looking forward to future treatment. All staff were very welcoming, friendly and made me feel comfortable.

    -Brogan F.
  • I truly appreciated the genuine care, concern and consideration I received, especially because of the discomfort I was in. Thank you so much.

    -Vivian M.
  • There’s a general perception that the duty to care is taken seriously at Bruce Street Chiropractic and this is not only perceived but seen in action/practice. This is something I value greatly in healthcare!

    -Hugo A.
  • Had the best experience!! I was sooo nervous at first. Everyone is so friendly and amazing. I am very happy I starting coming here :)

    -Jordon C.
  • Professional diagnostic meeting where my concerns and ailments were discussed at length.

    -Brady V.

Everyone was very polite, especially at the early hour of 7:00am! I don’t know how they can do it but they did! Great staff. I look forward to continuing to work with the team to help me out! -Alicia K.
I loved everyone. I wish I could remember the woman’s name that helped at the desk – she is fabulous and the perfect first person to see when you arrive. The next person I saw Erica – also fantastic. It is nice explaining things to someone and they get it. Knowing what a textbook says about depression, anxiety, addiction etc is ok… but to understand at a deeper level makes getting care so much easier. For me, I am admittedly a typical millennial and I like things bang bang bang. So having to come in for an assessment and then having to wait for an adjustment is killing me. But this is a good lesson in learning to trust the process. -Bradley M.
You guys are very welcoming and friendly. I felt comfortable from the moment I came in to the office. I was pleased with all the information and advises I received. I’m so happy that I decided to be back soon with all my family for a check up. Thank you! -Ndeye Fatima G.

Spot On

I used to own a Chiropractic clinic in Arizona so I observed closely the whole “new patient” experience and was so impressed with the doctor and his staff. Spot on with the medical part of the intake and so friendly. Plus the doc is a Packers fan to boot! Looking forward to my adjustments that start next week.
-Brian S.

Impressed With The Kindness

It was my first time ever to a Chiropractor and everything was well explained, all the tests were taken and I’m impressed with the kindness of the entire staff!*
-Anderson B.

What a Relief!

I have recently moved to the area and didn’t have a chiropractor. I had developed an aggravating pinch and pain in my neck that would not go away, so I searched online and found this clinic. I was quickly seen, assessed and treated by Bruce Street Family Chiropractic. What a relief! I woke up this morning with great improvement. I am confident that I am in capable hands and will be back for my treatment plan.

-Lila M.

Unexpected Surprise

Everyone is so welcoming and nice at the office. I have never seen a chiropractor before so I did not know what to expect but everything was explained to me and I was guided through each step making me feel very comfortable with the whole process.

-Chantale K.


I was welcomed in a very friendly environment. Everything was explained in detail. I was very impressed with the doctor’s knowledge of the spine. I felt very hopeful that I can be helped with my specific issues. I think it’s great that they offer a free examination and consult.
Thank you!!
Jennifer K.

Very Positive Experience

Very enjoyable experience and I look forward to my visits! Very pleasant experience and I was surprised with the open concept for treatments. Excellent staff. Congratulations on a very positive experience.

-Deb G.

Truly Care About You and Your Health

The professional and personal service was exceptional and informative. The staff and owner make you feel very special and you know they truly care about you and your health. Felt very comfortable, no pressure offers different options to fit your needs and budget. Even offered with genuine concern if any financial concerns could privately be addressed, An amazing group of people wanting to take care of you! Thank you, Bruce Street Family Chiropractic.

-Nancy K.

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