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More Patient Reviews

What Our Patients Say

  • You guys are AMAZING and I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped my son!
    - Krystie M.
  • Looking forward to follow up visit. Lots of interesting tests were done on my first visit and I’m excited to learn more about my health.
    - Daniel C.
  • He is an awesome person and doctor. If you want to take control of your health, you have to see him!
    - Maria G.
  • Very informative. Down to earth. Pride in the practice was evident. The mini-tour was very welcoming. Can’t wait for the follow-up visits.
    - Claire P.
  • Very professional, courteous, warm and inviting. It does seem like a family atmosphere!
    - Ben D.
  • Amazing first initial visit! The atmosphere was great. A feeling of “home” yet professional. Very informative and friendly staff. Can’t wait to get started :)
    - Brittany S.
  • Best experience with a practitioner I have ever had!
    -Cede B.
  • Happy friendly atmosphere with great stuff! Can’t wait to start my treatments.
    - Mary H.
  • Very warm welcome and personable staff.
    -Peter H.
  • Thank you for the warm friendly welcome and very professional care.
    -Debbie J.
  • It was great that Dr. Leslie could see us right away. She was kind and gentle when treating my 4 month old, and the play area made it easy to bring my 3 year old along for the appointment.
    - Nolan C.
  • Such a bright, positive space with equally bright and positive interactions with staff.
    - Karlee S.
  • This was a life changing experience for me I noticed a major difference after my first visit.
    - Stacy S.
  • Very welcoming and thorough!
    - Alayne H.
  • Wonderful friendly office! Feeling confident that their care will ease my discomfort!!

    - Monique M.
  • This is a wonderful place. Very friendly and welcoming. I constantly recommend people come here! You are both amazing!
    - Sammantha G.
  • Very friendly and extremely thorough. I’m excited for and hopeful about my treatment!!
    - Amanda B.
  • Everyone is so positive and upbeat!!!
    - Marion J.
  • Wonderful chiropractor, staff & practice!
    - Kendall A.
  • Great Chiropractic treatment that we received from you, has changed our lives. We recommend you to all. Thank you.
    - Mr. and Mrs. Peters
  • Very warm and welcoming staff. Everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable and instantly made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend this office.
    -Mike R.
  • The doctor and staff are doing a great job. I believe I am slowly on the way to recovery.
    - Christine A.
  • Friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, laid back but very professional!
    - Angie M.
  • Awesome every time!!!
    - Lindsay H.
  • Everyone I dealt with was incredibly helpful, professional, and understanding. I would gladly recommend a visit to this chiropractic center.
    - James G.
  • Your clinic is very friendly and helpful, my expectation is that I will be free of pain when I am finished with my treatment.
    - Bertha P.


The doctors and the staff are very professional and informative. They are extremely friendly and make you feel right at home and very comfortable. I had been having lower back pain and since starting a month ago I am pain-free and keep on getting stronger. Thank you to all the staff!

-Monique H.

Made Me an Appointment the Same Morning

I hurt my back lifting at the gym – when I called the practice they made me an appointment the same morning! I’ve got appointments booked for every day this week and I’m confident that I’ll be back on my feet by the weekend!

-Mark O.

Treated Like Family!

The staff are extremely friendly, very helpful and treat you like one of the family. I would definitely recommend Bruce Street Family Chiropractic to anyone, whether you are experiencing back pain or not. I used to wake up every morning with extreme back pain and within my first month of treatment, I noticed a huge difference. I’m now 8 months in and feel great!

-Peter S.

30 years of pain gone!

My Doctor said I needed surgery but that wouldn’t even help me. As far as I Knew my pain was a life long cross. After 4 weeks here the pain was nearly gone! Thank you for that. 30 years of pain gone! It’s impossible to describe how much this has improved my life.

-Anthony R

Getting Back Into Alignment!

The ability to walk, run without knee pain and using less supplements for joint pain is great! Getting beck into alignment is the foundation needed.

-Leilan A

I very highly recommend Bruce Street Family Chiropractic

I visited the chiropractor many times with a myriad of concerns (shoulder, low back, hamstrings, and hips). His diagnosis and treatment of my ailments, coupled with his customized rehab training and stretching program helped me immensely. I very highly recommend.

- Matt C.

It’s magic!

One of the best chiropractor clinics out there, I have seen other Chiropractors, but nothing compares to the excellent service here, He went through all of my information and let me understand the process and benefits of having adjustments performed as well as my individual plan to ensure I get the most out of my adjustments. I also love the integration of technology within the practice, all I have to do when I arrive is tap my key FOB on the way in and at the table, they know I’ve arrived and my treatment plan automatically, it’s magic!

- Nick S.

I strongly suggest seeing him for a consultation.

This place is filled with fun, loving, professionals who have a genuine care for their clients. I have been with them for over a year now and I feel the same warmth and care as I did the day that I came for my consultation. He and his employees love to give back to the community and ensure that everyone is taken care of in the safest and comfortable environment possible. He makes sure that each of his clients is educated on their own state of health by teaching them how to read their x-rays. He also helps them fully understand what is happening with their body and why it is important that they come in for treatment. If you are looking for a chiropractor or unsatisfied with your own, I strongly suggest seeing Bruce Street Family Chiropractic for a consultation.

- Rayna M.

I would like to highly recommend.

I would like to highly recommend. From the beginning of treatment, I noticed that he went way above and beyond my expectations to thoroughly educate me about the details of the treatment that I need. I would also like to point out that he has been very generous to help those who can’t afford chiropractic care. For these reasons, I will continue to prefer him and commend him for his honesty.

- Robert F.

I got off the chair a new person!!

My lower back was really hurting. For whatever reason, I put off going to the chiro. As soon as I saw him he said “You are really locked up!” and in moments I got off the chair a new person!! Thank you!! I was introduced to chiropractic through a mutual acquaintance. I always feel better after treatment. I came into Chiropractic skeptical about its efficacy to improve health, but it really has helped! Give it a try!!

- Jim L-T.

I feel so much better

I feel so much better since being seen. I never realized how bad I was feeling until recently. I don’t keep Tylenol in my purse at all times any longer. Thank you!

- Michelle P.


Very informative. Took the time to make sure I understood as well as if I had any questions. It was only my first visit but I was very impressed by all staff and look forward to my recovery with this team!

-Diana J.