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New Patients at Bruce Street Family Chiropractic

Welcome to our practice! Your health and well-being are always the top priority. Our goal is for everyone who walks through our door to feel at home in our comfortable space. Everyone here is so friendly, it’s easy to start a conversation—and don’t be surprised to bump into an old friend or two!


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On the first visit, our warm and friendly staff members will greet you. If you haven’t completed our online forms, we help you do so at this time. Once done, you’ll meet our Technical Chiropractic Assistant, Erika, who will give you a brief introduction to the practice, while touring the premises.

Next stop is the exam room, where she will start taking your health history, and help you feel more at ease. You’ll be scanned using the state-of-the-art INSiGHT® Millenium Subluxation Station before your doctor comes in.

The doctor will discuss your complaint and history before doing a thorough exam and tests, and X-ray, if necessary. The doctor explains our review process to determine what’s happening in your case, and that we’ll go over everything at the next visit, which will be scheduled within the week. Please allow 30-60 minutes for this appointment.

This visit is the Report of Findings, which typically runs about 20 minutes. Your doctor reviews your scans and other tests with you, painting a picture of what’s going on and making sure you understand it.

We also want to know what your health goals are. Is it just about symptomatic relief, correcting the underlying issue to prevent future recurrence, or optimal health and wellbeing now and into the future? This helps us create a unique care plan to address your needs.

Your health is your choice; if you choose to proceed with care, your first chiropractic adjustment will be at this time.

Financial Responsibility

Before proceeding with any care, your doctor will go through your plan, outlining what we’re going to do, how long it will take, and what our fees are. We do not direct bill; payment is due at time of service.

Debit and credit cards are accepted for payment; please speak with the doctor about other options.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to start your journey to better health, schedule a visit today!

New Patients at Bruce Street Family Chiropractic | (519) 743-6339