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Just too stressed out......


This morning we had a practice member who wanted to cancel her appointment because she was just too stressed and overwhelmed with everything going on during this time of year.  Ever find yourself thinking that?  Too busy or too stressed to get your spine checked?  …to take care of yourself?  Well, as I lovingly told her…..when life gets crazy you need to have your spine checked even more!

Stressed Out!

Stress = Overwhelm =Subluxation

The process is self evident with physical stress.  A sudden physical force (like a fall or a car accident)  or prolonged unbalanced physical forces (i.e., posture and the repetitive ways you use your body) can literally move the vertebrae out of alignment.

SubluxationOther types of stress are emotional, psychological and chemical.  These stressors are in abundant supply for most people and especially in the month of December.  While your body is trying to adapt to and deal with the barrage of stressors your spine can subluxate.  Think of the circuit breaker system in your home getting overloaded and popping a breaker at the area of most stress. Where that subluxation occurs in your spine can depend on factors such as previous traumas; inherited architectural weaknesses; or the aggravation of an already existing subluxation pattern.  People will tend to have recurring patterns or areas of spinal issues that flare when the stress level reaches the “popping”point.  


I advise my practice members to take a look at their life and reduce stress where they can.  You would be well served in the short term and in the long term to develop strategies to help you deal with stress.  Most of those strategies you already know:  Eat healthy.  Exercise regularly.  Eliminate toxins.  Have a spiritual practice i.e., pray, meditate, or both…..

Importantly, have your spine and nervous system checked! Research has shown conclusively that regular chiropractic adjustments dissipate the effect of stress on your body and increases your resistance to stress.

When one of our practice members has a progress exam they fill out a form and let us know the differences they are experiencing as a result of their spinal care. Some of the more common responses are: sleeping better, less headaches, less medication, handle stress better, better concentration, more positive attitude, more alert, better immunity,…..  

WOW, if I could bottle the effects of regular chiropractic adjustments and sell it I would be a multimillionaire in  avery short period of time.  Who couldn’t use all those incredible benefits?

Oh, and by the way, the woman this morning did come in for her adjustment and she left with a smile on her face.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Sharon


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