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Dr. Sharon's Chiropractic Story

Pull Up a Seat, Here’s How I Discovered Chiropractic

As a child, I was uncoordinated and was always the last kid picked for athletic activities at school. It was like my body would not cooperate even though I wanted to be able to run fast and participate in sports.

Health Life Exit Sign

I began suffering from occasional migraine headaches in my late teen years. By the time I was attending university to become a social worker, I was getting headaches 3-4 times a week. I had learned to live with these migraines because I felt there was nothing I could do about them just like I had thought being uncoordinated was my lot in life. I had tried medications, which would lessen the severity of the headache, but I did not like the side effects.

A Little Persistence Goes a Long Way

One of my coworkers at the University of Waterloo campus bar, The Bombshelter, saw a chiropractor and bugged me to see one too. I didn’t really understand chiropractic care, but her persistence influenced me give it a try.

After seeing a chiropractor, I saw incredible results with those horrible migraines! I also noticed that with less effort, I became a straight ‘A’ student becasue I was able to concentrate, focus and think clearer. I was so impressed that by the next semester, I changed my courses to pick up all the sciences I needed so that I could get accepted into chiropractic college. Wow! Chiropractic gave me my life back and I wanted to be able to help others the same way.

A Lifetime of Benefits

When I was 40, I picked up hockey and enjoyed learning the sport. I, who was that uncoordinated geeky kid, scored the odd goal in the 5 years I played! I also took up running and at the age of 45, I did a 10k race in under an hour! Now, I’m a better athlete at 54 than I was in my youth. I work out 6 days a week and I’m stronger than I could have imagined. My kids tell me I am still somewhat geeky though.

I want you to feel the same incredible results so you can live an active, healthy life. Give me a call and let’s talk about ways we can improve your mobility and health through chiropractic care! 519-743-6339

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