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A Technique That You'll Love

An Accident Changed My Course

In December of 2009, there was a flash-freeze here in Kitchener. I, Dr. Sharon Goodyear, was driving on Fredrick St. and had stopped to turn left. The person behind me hit me going over 60km an hour and I experienced severe whiplash.

Adjusting patients everyday wasn’t allowing me to heal thoroughly and I was concerned that I might have to retire early. Three months later I still had significant neck pain, weakness in my arms and numbness in my hands. My body was having a challenge healing.

A colleague told me about the Impulse IQ ® technique. The next day I contacted the company which was having their one and only Canadian seminar for that year in Toronto the very next weekend. I signed up. I was so impressed by the research that I purchased the instrument right away.

Healing For You and Me

Auto AccidentNow, I’m thrilled to offer such a wonderful technique to patients like you. It’s so gentle and effective, that is works beautifully for children and adults of any age.

In addition, the Impulse IQ ®technique took a lot of stress off of my body so I could heal, while allowing me to give you incredible care at the same time. I still use the many other techniques I have studied over the years, when they are in the best interest of the patient’s care, but primarily use the Impulse IQ instrument.

If you’re wondering what makes this technique so special, I’d love to show you! Stop in and experience it for yourself! Call us at 519-743-6339

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  1. Sharon G Wilson says
    Feb 27, 2015 at 6:08 PM

    I can totally empathize with you Sharon Goodyear as I shared enough of my injury list from a similar scenario on August 4th, 1989 in Kingston Ontario Canada. The year I spent with you worked wonders and was the encouragement needed to keep on keeping on. Thank you so much Sharon G. Wilson BA FP

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